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What is VoIP and How Can It Help Your Business?


Let's start from the basics. VoIP is the acronym for Voice over IP, and is a form of Internet telephony. When connected with specific pieces of communication hardware meant, IP phone systems can serve many purposes in different industries.


IP phones come with various benefits. To begin, they allow cheaper and effective communication. The phone systems are also flexible and can be integrated with other hardware.

Read on to know more about the applications and benefits and how integrating VoIP can change the way you do business.


  1. i) Easy to Use

VoIP phones and adapters are easy to use. To dial a number through any broadband connection, all just you need is a headset and adapter. This flexibility makes the PBX Phone Systems Dubai helpful for remote workers, employees who need to travel, as well as telecommuters.


  1. ii) Call Screening

Another feature of VoIP calling is the ability to screen calls and show the caller ID. Although hackers may be able to 'spoof' a number, screening permits filtering of calls. This means you can block spammers from calling your office number. As a result, your teams can focus on their core objectives and yield utmost productivity. For more info about telephone system, visit http://itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/National_secure_telephone_system.


iii)           Improve Customer Service

Another benefit of Panasonic Telephone System UAE is in enhancing customer service throughout the business. VoIP phones have tools like call monitoring that are important in providing feedback. You can use the call monitoring tool to know how your staff handles customer calls. This will give you the opportunity to train staff and improve the tech support skills of the teams in case they are not satisfactory.


Moreover, with mobile VoIP services, field executives can be connected with the customers instantly whenever the need arises.


  1. iv) Technology Integration

Integration of VoIP with other technologies is easy. VoIP equipment seamlessly integrate with adapters and Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, they are quick and easy to install, upgrade and configure to use with intuitive technologies. You won't need tech-support services to help you with configuration. Moreover, integration of the phones with other technologies makes communication more efficient and effective.


  1. v) Reduced Costs

Another advantage of using VoIP technology is reduced costs. Most leading organizations use VoIP because it is cheaper than traditional wired phone systems. You can make voice calls, teleconference, and video conference with a broadband connection. The network treat calls as broadband data rather than airtime or minutes of call duration. This means reduced travel costs, easier visual collaboration, and enhanced communication. The measurable ROI of videoconferencing makes the hardware a popular choice for procurement specialists.